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D. UN3373 Labels (4 Sizes)

D. UN3373 Labels (4 Sizes)

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Supplied on Rolls of 250 labels

Key Features

  • UN3373 self adhesive, wax/resin printed thermal transfer labels.
  • Choice of Sizes: 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm, 75mm x 125mm & 100mm x 150mm.
  • Printed "UN3373, BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES CATEGORY B " in black text on a white label.
  • Printed in FULL compliance to the strict P650 packaging regulations.
  • 50mm wide UN3373 diamond - edge to edge.
  • 2mm thick diamond line.
  • "BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCES CATEGORY B" - text print 8 mm high.
  • "UN3373" in characters of minimum 8 mm high.
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