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F. SAFE-POUCH. 95kPa Specimen Transport Pouch (Pack of 10)

F. SAFE-POUCH. 95kPa Specimen Transport Pouch (Pack of 10)

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SAFE-POUCH™ is a single-tube 95 kPa specimen transport pouches with integrated absorbency are designed to ensure safe and compliant storage and transportation of diagnostic and clinical samples, infectious and hazardous materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and environmental samples. 

Once loaded & sealed these 95kPa Safe-Pouches with self-adhesive peel off strip can be stuck to the base of the UN3373 Mail-Box to prevent movement during transit.

UK Manufactured under ISO9001 2015.

Internal Size: 50mm x 130mm with 10ml absorbency. Ideal for tubes up to 20 x 115mm - Vacutainers & 10ml Universal Screw Cap Containers

Environmentally designed to save 78% Plastic Usage when compared to C5 95kPa Specimen Transport Bag.

These independently certified pressure pouches are compliant with all relevant transport regulations.

  • Compliant with the relevant transport regulations including UN2814-UN2900, UN3373 & Packing Instruction P650
  • Features an easy to insert tube slit opening
  • Biohazard Printed
  • Transparent pouch side for easy viewing of sample tube.
  • Built in Dri-fresh perforated absorbent sheet with 10ml absorb capacity
  • Absorbent cushioning layer inside soaks up all liquid. An outer, waterproof film ensures liquid enclosure
  • Easy to seal
  • Leak proof, featuring leak-proof adhesive closures, puncture resistant, printed tracking information etc.
  • Lab friendly easy tear off bottom opening
  • Provides effective secondary packaging for clinical diagnostic samples & biological samples
  • Able to withstand 95 kPa pressure and therefore ideal for AIRMAIL (I.A.T.A.)
  • BATCH tested & verified for 95kPa compliant

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